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Pearl’s Memory Babies – A Good Kind of “Viral”

Our goal is to enrich the lives of Alzheimer’s patients. When my mother-in-law (Pearl) became sick with Alzheimer’s some years ago, my wonderful husband and I gave her and all the other women patients in her facility baby dolls and we gave the men puppy dogs. Their response was touching and truly amazing. To honor her after her passing, we continued this tradition at other healthcare facilities with memory care units (as our finances could afford) through the years.  Recently, my good friend Shannon’s mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s and we knew we wanted to brighten her life with the gift of a baby, and there was no way we wouldn’t share that love with all the other patients in her facility. So after giving babies to Shannon’s mother and her roommate, Shannon and I went back a couple of weeks later and delivered babies and puppies to the entire memory care unit. The next day, the healthcare facility requested that Shannon share the photos and videos on social media so the patients’ families could view them and the post accidentally went “viral”, as they say!  Shannon and I were completely unprepared for what happened next! An outpouring of media interviews, requests for how to donate, where can we get babies like these, etc.  The response has been humbling, heartwarming, amazing. We didn’t do anything special that day, except share love with these precious people. You just take your sweet time with them and hand them a baby as if it’s real; not like it’s a doll. Show care, compassion, and love. And for some reason, most of them are touched by these babies and puppies. It seems to rekindle something inside their memories and hearts for many of them, and can calm them. We created this website for those of you who wanted to be able to reach out to us. We also have a Facebook page where we share each delivery we make. We love sharing love and touching something inside these beautiful people!     Sandy

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