Pearl’s Memory Babies – A Good Kind of “Viral”

When Sandy’s mother-in-law Pearl became sick with Alzheimer’s, the only thing she & her husband Wayne found to soothe her was a baby doll. Pearl’s response was so amazing, Sandy & Wayne later shared those same “babies” with the other women in Pearl’s facility & were shocked at the similar reactions from many of them. To honor Pearl after she passed, Sandy & Wayne would save up as they could afford & visit memory care facilities during the holidays, sharing more “babies”. Recently, Sandy’s friend Shannon’s mother was distressed with Alzheimer’s & Sandy gave Shannon a “baby” for her mother. When Shannon experienced her mother’s reaction, Sandy & Shannon both knew they had to return & share “babies” with the other patients (& stuffed “puppies” with the men!) The day after the visit, the facility requested that Shannon share the photos & videos on Facebook so the patients’ families could see them & Shannon’s post went “viral”! Shannon & Sandy were shocked & humbled by the outpouring of interviews, media coverage, and requests for how to help. As a result of the attention, light is shining on these beautiful people & Pearl’s Memory Babies was conceived so that more & more love can be shared!

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